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 Buying Jewelry for Valentine's Day_1777

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PostSubject: Buying Jewelry for Valentine's Day_1777   Buying Jewelry for Valentine's Day_1777 EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 9:11 am

Buying Jewelry for Valentine's Day

So, you've waited until the last minute... again... to buy your lady love a Valentine's Day gift. And for your lady, nothing but bling is the thing to bring, right? And you've no clue what to get, right? Before a full-blown panic attack sets in, let's take a deep breath and figure this out together, shall we? With a few simple tips and suggestions, we'll discover what shiny new trinket is sure to salvage your Valentine's Day, leaving her overcome with your thoughtfulness and swooning with joy. Well, I can't guarantee the swooning part, but following the advice below should at least gain you a hug for your efforts.Suggestions #1: Buy similar to pieces that she already wears. All of us have our favorite colors, styles, sizes and types of jewelry. If your gal loves gems or beads or pearls, stick with colors and styles you've seen her sporting. Does she prefer smaller, daintier pieces or larger, bolder statements? Pierced earrings or clip-ons? White or yellow gold? Classic styling, or more modern and trendy? If she wears nothing but gold, don't buy silver. If her pieces are all sterling or white gold, don't buy yellow gold. It may be that more than her personal preference is involved in her jewelry selections. Some people with an allergy to copper or nickel can't wear certain types of metal. You don't want to spend your hard earned cash on something she either can't, or would prefer not, to wear. Buying something similar to a piece or set you've seen her wear will ensure that she will know you've been paying attention to her (you have been paying attention to her, haven't you?) and that you've taken her tastes into consideration.Suggestion #2: You've only dated a couple of times and you have no idea what she may, or may not, like. What now? It's time to get creative. Consider a pin or brooch, something small but still tasteful, thoughtful and versatile. Unless Valentine's Day is your first ever meeting with this woman (and if it is, what are doing considering buying jewelry?) you should know something about her that will help you decide. Does she have a cat? A dog? A fish? What does she do for a living? Pins come in a wide array of styles and shapes. Still haven't got an idea? Consider a brooch in the shape of a spray or bouquet or flowers. You could even come up with a cheesy, but loveable, line about getting her flowers and jewelry all in one fell swoop!Suggestion #3: It's not necessarily the money that counts when buying jewelry. You don't have to blow the bank to get a nice jewelry gift. There are many affordable pieces available. When most women receive jewelry, their first thought doesn't automatically run to the price. It truly is the thought that counts, especially on Valentine's Day. Quality is the thing you should really be looking at when considering your choices for selection. Good quality jewelry will be a gift that lasts for years to come. It's an investment, not just in the jewelry, but in your relationship as well. And because good quality pieces are so easy to find, finding one within your budget range shouldn't be a problem. Never sacrifice quality for price. Buy something smaller or less expensive instead.Suggestion #4: Buy something that will not only last, but can withstand the passage of time. We all know the saying about a diamond and forever, but jewelry styles do come and go, and what's in today may be out tomorrow. My suggestion here is that even if your heart's desire is the most stylish, hip, trendy, in-fashion diva on the scene, you don't have to settle for today's style in jewelry fashion to satisfy her desires. Now, I know what you're thinking, Wait a minute. You said earlier that I should buy what she likes, right? I'm totally confused. You can buy what she likes and buy a piece that will grow and change. It's called a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets have never really seemed to go out of style. You can buy her a nice bracelet, and supply her with a really fashionable charm. Your gal is always on the phone? There are cell phone charms. She's just gotten her degree? There are charms for new grads - diplomas, mortar board caps, etc. She's crazy about her new poodle? There's a charm for that, too. With a charm bracelet, the charms can match her moods and styles, or the two of you can create a record of your romance's journey - a Valentine heart for this year, maybe a birthstone charm for her special day later this year, and a Christmas stocking charm for your first holiday together come December. If you've been together for a long time, you could always personalize the charms to match significant events in your life together. Perhaps include a seashell to commemorate your honeymoon, a snowflake for that trip to Aspen, a birthstone for each of your children, a house to symbolize your new home. Get the picture, fellas? A charm bracelet might actually be the perfect Valentine's Day jewelry gift ever made, as it can be personalized to nearly any relationship, from the just-mets to the old-marrieds.Suggestion #5: Try a little creative packaging for your big surprise. Get her a small box of chocolates. Take one out and place her new ring or pin inside the now empty compartment. How about winding the chain of a new necklace around the stem of a rose? Then there's the old standby of putting the piece of jewelry around the neck of some soft, stuffed toy. The velvet box is nice, sure, but everybody knows what comes in velvet boxes. Being a little creative will add to your romance factor in a hurry!Buying jewelry doesn't have to be an anxious, worrisome thing. With a little common sense and ingenuity, you'll be sure to buy her something that will make her, and your, Valentine's Day really something special.

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Buying Jewelry for Valentine's Day_1777
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